One of OppCo’s significant value-adds is its capacity to foster learning across communities in support of adoption of best practices that drive impact. OppCo will develop database and evaluation capacity for its members, in support of these objectives.

  • Program evaluation fosters a culture of learning that drives program refinement. The Board of Directors and staff have the data they need to determine if programs are successful and the factors that influence client achievements are understood.

  • Data collection is efficient, and tailored to “actionable” information that either

    1. provides context for ongoing learning and program improvement,

    2. facilitates the delivery of better services, or

    3. is necessitated by contract or grant agreements.

  • Salesforce infrastructure efficiently captures data that is both easy to use and provides clear pathways for data analysis.

  • Research-based evidence of best practices and available comparative data undergird measures of program impact.

  • OppCo members have clear feedback loops for gathering and analyzing data directly from the community.

  • OppCo members have clear data sharing guidelines and practices. Data sharing is appropriate, timely, accurate, and uniform.


Funders, both public and private, are clear that the ability to demonstrate impact is necessary for success.  Further, a well-designed and supported data system eases the administrative burden on programs and provides data and information for learning what is working and for reporting to funders.  

OppCo is building capacity to provide high-quality database services—built off of the Salesforce platform—to its CDC partners. This is a service that OppCo plans to offer to future members and other third-party organizations on a fee-for-service basis.