At the heart of Opportunity Communities is a central operating platform with blended service and staffing plans. All participating member staffs are employed by Opportunity Communities.  Members contract staff from Opportunity Communities and in turn pay the operating company for the services rendered. The model defines three types of services and staff: The model defines three types of services and staff:



Financial management, human resources, office management, communications and other administrative functions are located fully within the central operating company. This allows each member organization to benefit from strong and efficient administrative systems. CDC investors will benefit from the knowledge that each CDC has access to deep administrative skills and is less susceptible to disruptions caused by staff transitions.



Some departments benefit from a blended staffing structure with staff positioned centrally at Opportunity Communities and at the member level. For example, both Real Estate and Resident Services have a single director serving all members, with staff assigned to focus on one organization or another. By cost-sharing in this manner, Opportunity Communities members can fill a greater depth and breadth of positions than either could afford independently while offering staff greater opportunity for advancement.


site specific

Some staff will remain solely focused on just one organizations specific services. E.g., Community Engagement staff whose work is unique to a particular community or community program.



The OppCo Board of Managers

Governance of OppCo is the responsibility of a Board of Managers comprised of three representatives of each member and two independent advisors.

At launch, OppCo, LLC is organized as a joint venture limited liability company with two equal members: Nuestra Comunidad and The Neighborhood Developers. Each member designates three representatives to serve on the OppCo Board of Managers. The Member Managers then select two Independent Managers to provide expertise to the Board.  The Member Managers serve at the pleasure of their respective designating Boards, and the Independent Managers serve at the pleasure of the Member Managers. Over time, as additional CDCs join OppCo, the Board of Managers will expand to allow for equal representation by participating members.

At launch, OppCo has three standing committees: Real Estate, Finance, and Asset Management.  Each committee will serve as both OppCo and Member committees, with concurrent meetings that facilitate transparency, cultural cohesion, efficiency, and maximize expertise. Member representatives and independent experts will vote on matters pertaining to their organization; all members will vote on OppCo matters.

The OppCo founders have dedicated significant attention to creating a structure and a culture of cooperation and fair play.  Each Member has an obligation of fair dealing and has agreed to take reasonable efforts to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information about other Members and the Company as a whole.  The OppCo Operating Agreement includes key provisions for resolving conflicts, admitting new members, and provisions for exiting members.