Four funders have made initial investments totaling $179,000 to support OppCo’s planning and early start-up including NeighborWorks America, the Boston Foundation, Massachusetts Housing Partnership, and the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. These and other funders have invited OppCo to submit implementation grants in support of OppCo’s early stage implementation, business planning and growth.  

OppCo thanks our generous supporters.

Our analysis demonstrates financial feasibility of the concept while resulting in a joint staff that is significantly stronger, with expertise and depth across all functions.


In its first year, the model projects a positive bottom line for the two founding organizations.


OppCo’s Multi-Year Budget models increasing efficiency with growth within each member, from additional members, and from clients who purchase discrete services.


The financial modeling evaluates the cost delta by function, identifying areas of efficiency, capacity increase, and growth opportunities.